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full circle finishing all then realizing what went wrong with api call at last. Now have pic upload to here AND neo via krabot, and img adding and adjustment. iampowah. 082521

made thing that touches all nodes of a tree or subtree, can use a callback to do something to every proj. made First Children topic shifter 082421
refreshepistegesis converted. 082321
in-page links are tree green // concept
thing where every put appends an invisible box the size of the nav, if nav box exists 081321
kerfinished toilet town and changelog routes 082321
view draft 2 is kerfinished ... 082021
del kerfinished sub kerfinished 081321
navitable kerfinished 081421
suball kerfinished 081521
got rid of arrow keys navi functionality 081521
increased payload limit 081521
added blog system 081621
hardcoded path to webring, breaks if webring's idx changes. however if it were relative like pressing it in webring pushes 0 and puts(), strong assumption that lvl builder will stay downwind, mb a goto1stchild convenience. oh mb argue a path
reify is sorta the finishing touch of basic subsumptive functionality (fast hierarchical restructuring). Could be more but now anything can go anywhere (though 'save' and 'adoptsaved' would be fastest)