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082721 02:09

free speech nazis

promoting free speech means you are okay with bad people saying really bad things that might be inciteful. That basically makes you complicit in all the bad things that happen due to free speech existing.

Oven companies are complicit in people sticking their heads in ovens.

Match companies are complicit in forest fires.

Tide pod companies are to blame for tide pod eating.

Instead of seeing people or groups as being incorrect and dealing with it case by case, we should see the mere possibility of evil as wrong. Erasing choice is the moral thing to do.

Even if you weren't complicit, which you are, it's a safe assumption that if you promote free speech, it's because you want to say some really bad stuff. Facts are useless in this case. Facts can be immoral.

082521 14:51

What tarot card does this remind you of