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082521 13:42

Fame and success organize themselves naturally (via human impulses), and the internet isn't the magic bullet of self-establishment that it pretends to be. That was the entire point of the dot com crash. Content requires "tampering" to be found, which makes online and real life success the same, making the internet pointless from a promotion standpoint.

I would say video platforms are important, only they haven't escaped the need for ads, so they aren't. It's all just floating on a bed of ads, and the content is likely curated or "tampered with" by platform owners anyway... making it pointless as something different than tv.

What is different about the internet is the type of content that is found there, but it's conflated with generational choices and preferences anyway, and heavily influenced by the medium. But please try to tell me that stuff like facebook, 4chan, reddit, and twitter content is something that is good and needed, please try to argue that. Please?

The internet would be better if it were oriented to private communication and thought of as a public utility instead of as a public square. Is there a way to share that water in your glass with everyone you know? Is there a "phone hub" for posting all your favorite phone calls you've had with your friends? No... it's just conversations, it's not "posts." "Posts" aren't real. The internet has the power to expedite and cheapen certain processes, but these are not the processes you're looking for.

Youtube should just be the new "tv" and placed on a separate internet, and the "internet" should just be private communication channels for small personal and business networks. The public or platform aspect now is all about intervention and relegation. It works because it's nothing new. We could have Nothing New Except It Isn't Trying To Absorb You. It's like a cult that's very good at what it does. If the Internet doesn't allow you to easily get rid of it when better options are available, it is not the real Internet.

There's a reason "shit" and "post" go together so naturally.

Psych research suggests that "social" isn't a thing, that it's all just individuals, that there is no real benefit, cognitive or otherwise, to having groups, without (again) intervention or "tampering," and only as strong as their weakest link, that a person unconcealed online is just the same as they are in life (please argue that anon is a good thing. please? It exists to spite the monstrosity and is only necessary in that it's inevitable. It's the internet's Shadow archetype).

Not gonna cite anything, just go ask my professor. Don't spam or flame him. See how I have to say that? That's because our internet is a piece of trash that needs to be burned away.

Go cut some cables. We'll be okay.