The FAE of Shadowbrush live in a forest world that resembles a 1990s website with a "fairy glitter gif" aesthetic.

This is how I imagine Iktoma's mother to look. Since Iktoma is half-spider, her appearance should be similar to this, but with (limited) spider characteristics. Maybe the ice wings could be spider appendages.

As for the rest of the appearances, I don't have any idea, but here are some descriptions of some of the characters mentioned.

Iktoma is idealistic, but well-mannered, practiced in understanding boundaries, immanently political. Seemingly unflappable. Her gap moe is that she's quite flappable.

Iktoma's mother Samara is a static character, and mostly bad. Fated to be someone you really want to like but just can't. She tries to summon some Gap Moe by doing something nice but we notice the emptiness in it, and the selfishness.

Iktomi is a politician, and a spider. Pretty simple

He's a web crawler. He indexes the spider web. Please laugh!

Fishboy is your everyman player-stand-in, anime protagonist, etc. In Shadowbrush, identities and essences slowly drift toward other forms, sorta like how they do on Earth, so he turns into less of a fish and more of a human as time goes on. Drifting away from what you used to be is a theme.

Some genres that are cool:

Personalized game, point-and-click, RPG, ARG, Art game, action/adventure, Educational game

The joke is that a hidden space forest housing the seat of all progress and becoming is actually just a geocities website, and that all human progress is static like a 90s website compared to Divinity

good luck!!