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[plot phase 2] All have converged on the North Pole, where Arthur the Cowboy (ARK) is roaming around aimlessly. Every character is trying to win the heart of Arthur. If ARK likes your song the most, he will give you the jewel of his heart: the Rose of Dimensions, AKA the JIPPLE CRYSTAL. This will revolutionize dimensional travel if it is used by those parties interested in interdimensional diplomacy. In the wrong hands it could destroy worlds.

the songs are contest entries in the plot's key event: THE CHRISTMAS CONCERT. All songs should be made from the perspective of the characters and it is recommended to use more than one or a few characters (and motivations listed below) for your songs.

28 public domain christmas songs

38 public domain christmas songs

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SANTA KRA: Wants to win the jipple crystal to stop dutch from winning it, and for the Sorrow and Joy worlds to remain separated in equilibrium. Partisans of the crystal freeway have placed their trust in Santa Kra to win the Battle of the Bands.

DUTCH THE COWBOY: Partisan of the Sorrow Dimension who wants to tip the scales of all dimensions in their favor.

THE TWO KRAS: novice Kras whose misuse of the magical tree caused Santa's Flying Machine to crash over San Antonio and are now employed by Santa to build him a new one. Entered into the battle for strength in numbers. If Santa Kra or the Two Kras win, the two kras will be granted a wish.

ARTHUR / ARK: wants to win the battle of the bands and enchant his own heart, because if anyone else wins the jewel then he will return to the land of the dead.

REINDEER GIRLS: two of santa's reindeer boygirls who have rebelled against Santa's plan for acquiring the Rose of Dimensions with their own agenda. They wish to trap Arthur in a Christmas Matrix of some kind because they love him.

FISH: terrifying hive mind from a drain dimension known as fishouse. They want to use the Rose to jumpstart a fishouse tourism industry with some much-needed infrastructure spending.

???: Secret Characters Abound!! Can YOU unlock them?